Jennifer Graham Spanier, PhD, MSLIS

A perfect snowy day

It’s one of those winter days in Vermont when the snow is falling so slowly and gently, that it doesn’t register as a winter storm, yet it’s really piling up as the hours go by. To me it’s a perfect winter day, not too cold or windy, but with lots of soft beautiful snow for showshoeing or playing with the dogs. This morning’s energetic Frisbee session has the pups sleeping quietly through the afternoon. Later we’ll have a fire and settle in for reading and Netflix. Not every winter day in Vermont is so idyllic. It will warm up this evening, so today’s snow is destined to switch to rain overnight. The dogs will bark frantically as snow slides off the roof like an avalanche. Soft snow will give way to treacherous icy patches. Many days of bitter cold and biting winds are ahead before winter gives way to mud season, but for now I’ll enjoy the perfect snowy day.

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