Jennifer Graham Spanier, PhD, MSLIS


Jennifer has been indexing professionally since 2009. She is Immediate Past President of the American Society for Indexing, and has served as Co-Webmaster since 2012.

Other Professional and Volunteer Experience

Jennifer served on the Board of Trustees of the Blake Memorial Library, East Corinth, Vermont, from 2015-2018.

As a public librarian at Lewisboro Library in South Salem, NY, Jennifer provided reference services, and participated in collection development and technology education.(2006-2012)

Jennifer has also worked as a research biologist. Her PhD dissertation is entitledĀ Isolation and Characterization of Novel Chlamydomonas Transposable Elements.

As Abstractor and Editor forĀ Breastfeeding Abstracts, a quarterly newsletter for health professionals, Jennifer searched the scientific literature for current breastfeeding and lactation articles to abstract for each issue. She also selected lead article authors, managed the abstracting staff, and wrote and edited article abstracts.(2002-2004)

Jennifer served as Co-President of Westchester-Fairfield NLD Support, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information and support to families of children with nonverbal learning disabilities.(2005-2010)

For several years, Jennifer counseled breastfeeding mothers as a La Leche League Leader.

Academic Background

  • BS Biology, Magna Cum Laude, Allegheny College
  • PhD Biological Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University
  • MS Library and Information Science, Long Island University

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